3 Ways To Adopt A New Perspective About Disease That Will Change Your Life

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March 19, 2017
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3 Ways To Adopt A New Perspective About Disease That Will Change Your Life

A middle-aged cashier at Walmart lets out a moan and rubs her right hand. “My arthritis is acting up really bad today,” she says. A Facebook friend openly shares that her insomnia is killing her. Another long-time friend tells me that his diabetes isn’t getting any better. I equally cringed when I heard each of these statements. I wanted to share a new perspective about disease with them.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but most people (maybe even you) readily claim diseases they’ve been diagnosed with like the prodigal son come home. Sicknesses like arthritis, insomnia, cancer, MS, Lupus, depression, and diabetes become possessions to own…well, at least, according to the verbal attachments most put on them. I understand saying “my daughter” or “my house” or “my job,” but I cannot align with saying any disease is mine.

A New Perspective about Disease #1: Think about What You Believe and Why

Active disease is a reaction to an imbalance in the body, mind, spirit or all three. Depending on the set of symptoms, the medical community has labeled each one, creating a strange attraction for patients to belong to this or that disease club. Maybe I just think differently, but no disease is my possession or long lost friend. All disease is a result of choices, whether we intentionally made them or not.

I also understand that disease does not show up without reason. It follows the course of physics; it is a reaction to an action. It’s only purpose is to wake us up so we pay attention to the imbalance in our lives. I like to think of it as a warning system that alerts us of intruders, malfunction, and deficiencies.

Active disease is a reaction to an imbalance in the body, mind, spirit or all three. Click To Tweet

Claiming the labels of disease only substantiates the need to treat symptoms only- something most doctors do without hesitation. And, like clockwork, most patients follow their physicians down this road that usually doesn’t lead to true wellness. They’ve missed the proverbial boat called “my body knows what it’s doing and can heal itself if given the chance.” Humanity needs a huge wake-up call about what’s really going on with health.

A New Perspective about Disease #2: Watch Your Words

The words we speak are powerful; they create whether we want them to or not. When a person says, “My cancer” or “I have diabetes,” he or she is claiming ownership of that disease. Do you see where I’m going here? In the self-development arena, we are taught to affirm what we want and need with positive statements. So, if you go around saying that you “have” something, don’t you believe it’s true? Don’t these statements solidify your belief just a little more?

When a set of symptoms show up in our body or mind, how should we talk about it?

This is a good question. I have adopted a vocabulary around the state of my health by actively guarding against saying that I have a certain disease. I also try not to say things like “my MS or my headaches”. Yes, there was a time when I didn’t care how I spoke, but I’ve learned and have changed my perspective.

A New Perspective about Disease #3: Develop a New Vocabulary

I say things like “I’m experiencing a set of symptoms that is consistent with MS” or “the imbalances in my body are connected with ____”. Do you see the difference? This way, I am not marrying myself to any label. I am simply a human woman who is experiencing an imbalance in her body. It is my responsibility to figure out what is causing it and how to bring it back to balance.

Developing a new vocabulary surrounding your state of health will take some practice. Here are some common statements to watch out for:  “I have a headache” or “my disease is hereditary” or “it’s not curable” or “I’m not getting better” or “I am sick” or “I am not healthy” or “I am fat” and anything that connects “I am” to something negative.

We each have our own perspective, and every single one is valid. My request is that you thoroughly understand what you believe and why you believe it. Is it your truth because it’s what everyone else believes? Can you truly say that you take full responsibility for your health and well-being?  I would like to hear your thoughts and unique perspective in the comments.

Be well, my friends

XO Kellie Rae

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Kellie Rae
Kellie Rae
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  1. Debra Reble says:

    Love your #2 perspective Watch Your Words. I know that my words are powerful in the universe as intentions. so whenever I have a pain, congestion, or even when I had breast cancer…I always affirmed my body as I am well and I’m detoxing or clearing what doesn’t serve me. Great post Kellie xo

    • Kellie Rae says:

      Thanks for your thoughts, Debra! Our bodies are so wonderful at healing and making things right. I know it can be hard to remember this when you don’t feel good. This tempts us to speak what we are feeling. It’s all a process… xo

  2. Really excellent post…we definitely have to change our vocabulary and mindset around “illness” and “disease.”

    • Kellie Rae says:

      Thanks for stopping by, Sherry! It makes such a difference to your life when you have hope and positive thinking! xo

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