Pam-Randolph2“She’s more than a coach. She’s a mojo magician!”

“I was excited when I won a one hour Rock Your Feminine Type consultation with Kellie. I was thrilled when we hit it off. I learned so much about myself in that meeting and the follow up we had afterwards. I was over the moon when I decided to hook up with Kellie as a RYFT branding client. I became Kellie’s first client as a certified RYFT Coach, and it was one of the best damn decisions I have ever made. Kellie has ignited my inner fire, and that is now spilling over into my business plans. She’s more than a coach. She’s a mojo magician! She has rocked my world; both from a business and personal standpoint. I know she will do the same for every client who works with her.”

~Pam “Fireball” Randolph, Owner/Coach at The Phoenix Flight School

September 14, 2015

~Pam “Fireball” Randolph

  “She’s more than a coach. She’s a mojo magician!”
September 13, 2015

~Kimberley Gypsy LoSavio

“Kellie took me by the hand, pointed out my super powers, my challenges, and even a few of my flaws in such a way that has […]
September 13, 2015

Jane Lorenz

“She brought out the badass in me: she helped me find the courage to stand in my power and taught me how to speak to my […]
September 12, 2015

Sandra Dingwall

“Kellie gently walked with me as I made this challenging transition into a happier, freer woman.”
September 12, 2015

Sheri Carte

“Kellie R. Stone is one of the brightest, naturally intuitive and creative women I know and excels at guiding and serving others.”
September 12, 2015

Angela Scott

She really helped me to see how I speak about myself, how it was negative and had me work on changing those words.
September 11, 2015

Rachel Kovacs

  “Kellie helped me see inside myself and really did help me transform my life.”
September 10, 2015

Barbara Bloom

“Working with Kellie created an atmosphere for monumental life change and moments of true clarity concerning my future service to others.”
September 9, 2015

Jeffrie Chambers

“Working with her helped me to realize that I could, and should, move away from what no longer served me in a positive way.”