Kellie Rae’s Special Feminine Biz Type Quiz Rock You Session!

bookryftHey, Delicious Feminine Powerhouse!

This is a special day! Congratulations, you have chosen to take the next step in discovery of your feminine and business types! and I wanted to extend a really kick ass special offer to you! And, trust me, you want this session with me! It’s regularly $99 for starters… and with your $50 off coupon, that slices that price half! Yeah, this is the kind of juicy offer you don’t want to pass up!

What’s a Rock YOU! Session? you ask.

It’s where you discover your power & potential by unlocking your unique FEMININE TYPE. Are you a Diva or a Sweetheart, a Seeker or a Saint, a Muse or a Success Girl, an Excellence Girl or a Goddess Geek?


The book, Rock Your Feminine Type™ To Rock Your Business by Joy Balma. (Yes, a real hard copy book delivered to your door! ($20 value in itself!)

A 1-hour POWER PERSONALITY POWWOW that shines a light on your feminine genius, your biz type, your superpowers, your shadow & your highest business potential.

Understand what makes you UNIQUE so you can ROCK YOU!

I’m ready to rock your world!